We have managed the business as a medical food planner at health care market since we established our company.
Core products in medical foods are for dysphagia patients and some kinds of disease specific products are included in this category.
Medical food business contributes much. Therefore, we all of employees, keep in mind to develop and sell the gentle, safety and reliable products for patients.
In some cases, medical food might be fatal. That’s why we will have accepted importance and responsibilities for social with sincerity and develop a plenty of products to make quality of life (QOL) improve.

About FoodCare

We have led the dysphagia market in Japan since established in 1997.Remarkable thing is that Food-Care is the first company launched epoch-making less-smell and clear thickener in Japan during the heyday of starch thickener. Since then, we have pushed ahead with development and sale of the innovative products which contribute to medical nutrition. And we have expanded our product pipeline to Protein Energy Malnutrition, Vitamin/Mineral deficiency and Pressure Ulcer platform, not stayed at dysphagia platform only.
For patient who need the most strict nutrition management, we have offered kidney disease products since we established.