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With clear leadership shown by top management, we have specialized in the medical food market consistently, and manage our business efficiently and intensively by “the Few and the Proud”. Besides, the information collection ability which is close to medical front and unique network with professionals is base of the strong sales forces and product pipeline.
In food market in which copy-cats products can be launched easily because it is difficult to make differences compared with drug market, our distinguished performance, sales know-how and medical contributions are clear advantages against competitors.

 HEAD OFFICE OMG Build. 4-19-16 Hashimoto, Midori-ku Sagamihara-city Kanagawa 252-0143
 PRESIDENT Yutaka Takeuchi
 ESTABLISHED February 3rd 1997
 CAPITAL FUND 10,000,000(yen)
 DESCRIPTION of BUSINESS Develop and Sale food for nursing care and medical treatment 
 13TH TERM(2009) 2.80 billion(yen)
 14TH TERM(2010)  3.18  billion(yen)
 15TH TERM(2011) 3.44 billion(yen)